Asahian – Soba restaurant in Numabukuro, Tokyo



SAITO-8920.jpgSAITO-8920.jpgMori Soba
Hand-made soba made from Yamizo soba, a buckwheat flour produced by contracted farmers in Nakagawa-machi, Tochigi Pref. Served chilled with cold tsuyu, a soy-based dipping sauce.

SAITO-8930.jpgSAITO-8930.jpgMori Udon
Using only select flour and natural sea salt, udon is made using a method called nidan jukusei, which involves two strenuous sessions of kneading and maturing, for a body and flavor that will impress even the fussiest udon lover.

SAITO-8971.jpgSAITO-8971.jpgNameko-Oroshi Soba
Soba adorned with nameko mushrooms and oroshi (grated daikon radish). Fresh karami ‘hot’ daikon from the Shinshu central mountain region of Japan is used to make our oroshi.

SAITO-8963.jpgSAITO-8963.jpgKamo (duck) Seiro
Cold soba with hot dipping soup. Tender slices of duck, home-raised in Japan, cooked in soup with burdock and grilled leek for extra aroma.

SAITO-8981.jpgSAITO-8981.jpgTororo Seiro
Asahian’s signature soba, served with tororo, grated Yamato Imo (a variety of yam) from Tako, Chiba Pref, and topped with fragrant seaweed flakes.

SAITO-8912.jpgSAITO-8912.jpgTen Seiro
Soba or udon served with two freshly fried pieces of prawn tempura and four pieces of seasonal vegetable tempura.

SAITO-9012.jpgSAITO-9012.jpgInaka Sansai Soba
Soba served with sansai, edible wild plants, nameko mushrooms, bamboo shoot, shiitake mushroom and a boiled egg. The subtle smoky aroma of grilled abura-age (fried tofu) and fragrant mitsuba herb compliment this country-style dish.

SAITO-8998.jpgSAITO-8998.jpgCurry Namban
Noodles served in a curry-flavored soup with thin slices of pork and leek. The Katsuo fish-based stock infused with curry spices smells irresistible.

SAITO-8990.jpgSAITO-8990.jpgKamo Namban
Namban, a soba served in a soup with leek and tender slices of duck. Burdock and wakame seaweed are also added for a richer aroma.
SAITO-9018.jpgSAITO-9018.jpgNabeyaki Udon
Udon cooked and served in a hot iron pot.
Toppings include: prawn tempura, kamaboko fish cake, slices of Japanese omelet, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushroom, a boiled egg and some fu (baked wheat gluten). Adding a square of Mochi (rice cake) is also highly recommended.

SAITO-8985.jpgSAITO-8985.jpgTempura Soba
Soba served with two pieces of freshly fried prawn tempura.

SAITO-8945.jpgSAITO-8945.jpgKama-Age Udon
Kama-age implies udon freshly boiled without draining and cooling afterwards. The perfect way to enjoy the wholesome texture of udon.

SAITO-8937.jpgSAITO-8937.jpgSoba/Udon Set
A selection of tempura (squid, prawn, whiting, five pieces of seasonal vegetables), rice, a small dish of the day, pickles, and a choice of soba or udon.

SAITO-8958.jpgSAITO-8958.jpgTendon Set
Asahian’s famous tendon, tempura served on a bowl of rice with dash of sweet soy sauce. Comes with a large piece of prawn tempura and four pieces of seasonal vegetable tempura. The set includes: a small dish of the day, pickles, and a choice of soba or udon.

SAITO-8941.jpgSAITO-8941.jpgKatsu-Don Set
Freshly fried katsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) cooked in beaten egg, seasoned with Asahian’s original sauce. Served with a small dish of the day, pickles, and a choice of soba or udon.


3-7-11 Numabukuro, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours
Lunch: 11.40am – 3pm (Last order: 2:45pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm – 8pm (Last order: 7:45pm)
Closed on Tuesdays.

We cater for all occasions (up to ten people). Booking required. Courses start from ¥3,250 per person. Please contact us for further enquiries.