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Serious About Soba

For over two decades, Asahian’s current 4th generation master has committed himself to the art of making soba. No matter how good the ingredients, if made half-heartedly, soba never tastes good. Taking careful note of the weather and the condition of the ingredients is crucial too, in order to produce the finest soba every day.

Tradition × Innovation = Asahian

Back when Asahian’s 4th master was still an apprentice, he also trained in Italian and French restaurants. His keen and open attitude in learning different cuisines from around the world resulted in Asahian’s creative dishes and exclusive soba menu, which some are only available at certain times of the year, wowing customers with new and unexpected, yet delicious ways of enjoying soba.

The Secret of Asahian’s Soba

Asahian’s soba is made from Yamizo soba, buckwheat flour produced by contracted farmers in Nakagawa-machi, Tochigi Pref. The type of soba we serve is called Ni-Hachi soba, which means ‘2–8’, or a two-to-eight ratio of flour and buckwheat.
We also serve towari soba, made solely of buckwheat. This, however, can only be made at the time of year when the new crop is harvested, and is served exclusively on weekends and holidays during the season, with limited availability.

‘Three days of chopping, three months of rolling and three years of kneading’ — As the saying goes, there are no shortcuts in mastering the art of soba. However, we believe that simply acquiring the skills is not enough. Continuous dedication to seeking improvement is equally as important.
Our dream is to involve ourselves from the production of the soba crop, with the help of our contracted farmers, and to grind the grain at Asahian to make our soba even more unique and special.


3-7-11 Numabukuro, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours
Lunch: 11.40am – 3pm (Last order: 2:45pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm – 7.45pm (Last order: 8:15pm)
Closed on Tuesdays.

We cater for all occasions (up to ten people). Booking required. Courses start from ¥3,300 per person. Please contact us for further enquiries.