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Asahian Special Course Menu is not available during the New Year holidays (Dec. 25 through Jan. 7).

Asahian Tasting Menu

¥3,300 per person (minimum of four, up to six persons)
The course menu is available only on weekday evenings. Reservation is required five working days in advance.

1.Three Soba-Based Appetizers
•Original soba tofu

  • A tofu made from coarsely ground buckwheat flour and soy milk. Served cold.

•Tender deep-fried chicken in soba grain batter

  • Served with salt sauce and lemon.

Shutō (marinated minced tuna meat and offal) with sobaita

  • Sobaita is buckwheat flour cracker, made by deep frying thin slabs of soba. It goes perfectly with shutō and cream cheese, and a flask of sake makes a delicious accompaniment.

2. Soba Blinis (Russian pancake)
Made with oven grilled seafood in homemade basil sauce.

3. Ebi Shinjo in a thick soba grain sauce
Ebi shinjo is a minced prawn lightly molded into a ball shape, and broiled.

4. Tempura
An assortment of prawn tempura and four seasonal vegetables in tempura.

5. Ni-Hachi Soba
Signature handmade soba, made from Yamizo soba flour, which has a rich and distinctive flavor.

6. Soba Grain Tea Jelly
A jelly made from fragrant dattan ‘duck wheat’ grain tea, topped with sweet creamy sauce and tapioca.

Please be advised that occasionally menu selections may be subject to change due to availability of seasonal produce.


3-7-11 Numabukuro, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours
Lunch: 11.40am – 3pm (Last order: 2:45pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm – 7.45pm (Last order: 8:15pm)
Closed on Tuesdays.

We cater for all occasions (up to ten people). Booking required. Courses start from ¥3,300 per person. Please contact us for further enquiries.